Totem Free Standing Units

Free standing totems are commonly used as a poster and wayfinding solution in shopping malls and outdoors – As they use portrait poster shape displays they are useful as dual purpose displays which can be used as a digital poster when not in use. Designed with heavy bases for non fixture use  or bolt down to floor or wall these totems can be any size (standard are 26”, 32”, 42” and 46”) – Single and Dual sided options available

Kiosk Style free standing

Traditional kiosk style units using standard touch screen monitors, have been common place in retail, banks and businesses since 1977 – Although technology has moved on traditional kiosks are still the most popular solution, available in standard and wide screen formats and can be supplied in floor, desk or wall mounted options and a variety of options like printers, card readers etc are available.

Single and Multitouch Displays

With Multitouch displays becoming common place in the industry, large format touch and multitouch screen are available which can be embedded in to a variety of enclosures from tables, counters, coffee tables, walls – the possibilities are endless.

Interactive Videowalls

When customer interaction is key, large multiple screens joined together (aka Videowalls) are highly effective. A Videowall with an interactive overlay gives the customer or multiple customers interaction with displays and content – providing a great retail theatre experience

Interactive Tablet and Small POS

Tablets, Phablets and small touch screens can be embedded in to POS displays & furniture, running websites, tablet apps or bespoke programs. These tablets can be mounted with bespoke or off the shelf secure stands and holders.

Through Glass and Rear Projection

nstall in conjunction with most of the above technologies, this technology is applied to the inside of a shop window and the kiosk, totem or screen is placed behind it which then gives full interactivity on the highstreet 24×7 operation.