81% of consumers are likely share a negative shopping experience – here’s one

Ok at first glance this might not sound like a Digital out of home experience, but consider that 1 in 6 online companies are expected to come to the high street – Will the attitude of the big old boys Currys Digital go the same was as Comet…

Here’s the story :-

My older brother went to Curry’s in Gloucester to purchase a IPOD 5 touch for his 12 year old son for his birthday last week. They waited 10 minutes at the glass counter with the nice shiny IPOD’s and there was not a sales person in sight to talk to. The Solution, my brother bent down to the lock on the cabinet and purposely set off the alarm – 2 Sales people came within 30 seconds. So then he thanked them for coming to his aid and could he see one of the IPOD’s ! the reply “Sorry sir, you cannot touch or try the ipod” – my brother “said i am about to spend £220 on this i would like to have a look”. So he was allowed to hold but not take off the protective wrapping.

He purchased one, but because he wanted to to purchase from a store and not online.

The Moral of the story – In today’s omni channel retailing and successful online retailers about the shake up the high street, how can a retailer survive without offering a great retail experience, how the hell can they expect to be like a online store and for a customer who took the time to visit their store.

Touch, feel, smell experience – thats what customers want – about time retailers like Curry’s wake up and smell the coffee or die a horrible death..


The CrucialAV Way : Motion triggers with facial recognition – if the customer is waiting by the display for a set time automatically page an assistant or link to instore tannoy with a pre recorded notice – “VIP customer waiting at the IPOD display stand, please help them” – make them feel important. The lowest cost solution is an assistance trigger button or smart phone ticket system, but the future will be Ibeacons, markerbeacons which will monitor the  customer and automatically trigger the store assistant.



Worlds Largest Video Wall

Standing over 15 meters tall and 60 meters wide, “The Big Picture” has the official Guinness World Records title for the “Largest High Definition Video Wall”. It is located inside the main lobby and entrance to Suntec Exhibition and Convention Centre (Suntec Singapore)

Entrance Totem

Cardiff Shopping mall – Dooh Failure

We all know computers fail, usually a Powersupply fault or Hard disk drive – but when its digital signage where its prominent and people pay to advertise on the screens its a bit out of order for the consumer to be presented with failed screens. In Cardiff this Xmas i noticed many screens off or failed – a wayfinder and a large digital poster display both with HDD boot failures.


To Prevent failures like the CrucialAV use Solid State Hard drives and in some cases a 2nd Display PC/Media player and if the content is not available from one it switches to the other. In addition to this Remote diagnostics and reporting will alert our engineers before our client knows and they remotely diagnose and call out an engineer to repair it.

samsung popup - bullring birmingham

Samsung Popup Store – Birmingham Dooh Failure

The Electronics monster Samsung had a lovely popup shop in the Centre of the Bullring shopping Centre in Birmingham, using their lovely smartTV’s i was amazed that everytime the video looped it came up with a NO Audio prompt and pull down menu – I am sure this is an easy thing to turn off, but when a company like Samsung cannot get it right it really frustrates me

caught our eye - birmingham hmv

HMV Birmingham – Dooh Failure

A lovely large video wall in the shop window – playing nothing, blank – thats not going to attract people. I know HMV is going through a change/restructure – but it wouldn’t cost much to get content on hardware they already have.

Halford Garmin media player blank

Retail Store halford – Dooh Failure

In Cheltenham, Halfords have created a fresh new store – let down by cheaply and incorrectly specified digital displays and a parts system that couldn’t find the server. I visited this store numerous times in November – every time the parts kiosks were blank with an error locating the server and the media screens not all of them were ever on, they either didn’t have the content installed or Halfords were supplied cheap consumer media players not auto power, auto start ones.